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A Lesson For MLK

Familiar Journeys & Twilight Dreams
K. Williams
$7.99 / our price: $1.00
Welcoming Babies
by Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 40 pages
ISBN: 0884481247, Price: $7.95

Everyone is fascinated by babies--parents, grandparents, siblings, even other babies. Now available in paperback, "Welcoming Babies" visits with people around the globe and looks at the diverse ways they treasure new life. Full color. 40 pp. Ages up to 4. Pub: 3/98.

Book CoverWho Belongs Here?: An American Story
by Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback: 40 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0884481697 Price: $8.95

Who Belongs Here? tells the story of Nary, a young boy fleeing war-torn Cambodia for the safety of the United States. To some of his new classmates, however, he is a "chink" who should go back where he belongs. But what if everyone whose family came from another place was forced to return to his or her homeland? Who would be left? This story teaches compassion for recent immigrants while sharing the history of immigration in America and some of the important contributions made by past immigrants. It is used in schools everywhere for units on immigration and tolerance.

Talking WallsTalking Walls
Margy Burns Knight
, Anne Sibley O'Brien
ISBN: 0884481549
Format: Paperback, 40pp
Walls function as memory, as well as barriers. Here, the author and illustrator have fashioned a unique book that introduces young readers to the walls of different cultures. Fourteen vibrantly colored pastels, across two open pages, bring you inside the world of each wall, and the text presents information about each place Price: $8.95
Book CoverTalking Walls: The Stories Continue
Margy Burns Knight, Anne Sibley O'Brien
ISBN: 0884481654
Format: Paperback, 40pp
Filled with activities that can be tailored to suit individual teaching methods or learning styles, this imaginative cross-curriculum teacher s guide uses Talking Walls: The Stories Continue as the focal point for units on geography, social studies, math, history, art and architecture, letter-writing, research projects, excursions, and creative writing. All activities are classroom -- and teacher -- tested. Price: $8.95
Africa Is Not a Country

Margy Burns Knight, Margy Knight, Mark Melnicove, Anne Sibley O'Brien
ISBN: 0761316477
Format: Paperback, 48pp
Age Range: 8 to 11.
Demonstrates the diversity of the African continent by describing daily life in some of its fifty-three nations.

Price: $9.95

The New Girl...and Me, Jacqui Robbins, 068986468XThe New Girl...and Me, Jacqui Robbins





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