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  1. Black Sun Signs: African-American Guide to the Zodiac
    Thelma Balfour
  2. The Tarot of the Orishas / El Tarot de los Orishas 
    (Bilingual: In English and Spanish)
    Zolrak Durkon

  3. Orishas
    Zolrak / Durkon

  4. Candlelight Spells
    Gerina dunwich

  5. The Illuminati 666
    Introduction by Roy Allan Anderson

  6. Your Book of Shadows: 

  7. The Only Astrology Book you'll Ever Need
    Joanna Martine Wolfolk

  8. Sydney Omarr's signs

  9. The Gods of Change

The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt: The Esoteric Wisdom RevealedSacred Traditions in Ancient Egypt
Rosemary Clark

Power of KabbalahPower of Kabbalah
Rabbi Yehuda Berg

The Holographic UniverseThe Holographic Universe
Michael Talbot

Candlelight Spells
Gerina Dunwich
Citadel Press
The Modern Witche's Book of Spellcasting, Feast and Natural Healing

The Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship & MagickThe Mysteries of Isis: Her Worship & Magick
diTraci Regula


Zolrak / Durkon

Indian AstrologyIndian Astrology
A western approach to the ancient Hindu art
Komilla Sutton

ISBN 1567188443
Llewellyn Publications

ISBN: 067089379X
Viking Studio

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