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Women of the
African Ark
Africa, the cradle of civilization, is home to more than a thousand indigenous tribes, each with unique traditions and identities....


African American Calendar - Women of the African Ark
Women of the African Ark 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $12.55
BBP: $8.97 (40% OFF)
  African American Calendar - Contemporary African Art
Contemporary African Art 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $11.55
This calendar presents twenty-four colorful photographs of Beckwith and Fisher's ongoing ethnographic documentation, featuring women from Tanzania, South African, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, Ghana, and Niger. Concise, informative captions provide insight into African traditions, courtship rituals, ceremonies, and female adornment, highlighting the rites of passage for the women of the African Ark.
  With rich color and meticulous detail, this vibrant collection of modern art expresses the diversity and tradition of the immense continent of Africa. Experience the spirit of a proud people with a fascinating history as each month reveals Africa through the eyes of artists such as Kate A. Badoe, Jimoh Buraimoh, Wosene Worke Kosrof, and more.
Publisher: Pomegranate
ISBN: 0764930842
Format: 12 months
  Publisher: Avalanche Publishing
ISBN: 159501411x
Format: 16 months

African American Calendar - African Masks
African Masks 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $12.55
  African American Calendar - The Art of Frank Morrison
The Art of Frank Morrison 2006
Price: $14.99
Ceremonial masks, a traditional African art form, have been a central feature of African life for more than five thousand years. Their functions are complex and varied: they validate political authority, initiate youths into adulthood and teach social values, avert evil forces, assist the spirits of the dead, and more. Most are associated with spiritual beliefs.   Morrison's work can be found with such notable collectors as Rudy Crew, New York City's School Chancellor, New Orleans Senator Gregory Tarver, Dr. Lauren Hale of the infamous Hale House, and Bill Cosby. Along with enjoying Frank's beautiful art everyday, you will also be filled with knowledge as you read the black history information throughout this calendar.
Publisher: Pomegranate
ISBN: 0764931369
Format: 12 months
  Publisher: Shades of Color
The Art of Frank Morrison 2006

African American Calendar - Ancient Egypt 2006
Ancient Egypt 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $13.95
This item is temporally Out-of-Stock.
  African American Calendar - My Peepz
My Peepz 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $11.65
The Pyramids weren't built by slave labor-it was an honor for Egyptian citizens to help in their construction-but the dead did keep slaves. Egyptians were obsessed with life everlasting, and the art of their multi-millennial civilization includes statues of deities, models of afterlife servants, works recording the goodness of the recently deceased and scenes of final judgment, and sculptures of piously kneeling pharaohs. This calendar presents wonderful artifacts of a culture as complex and strange as our own.   My Peepz was created by children's book illustrator Don Tate II. "I've raised two daughter, and when shopping for them as 'tweens (preteenagers), I was disappointed in the lack of images that reflect African Americans. I was left wondering, 'where's My Peepz?'" Don has been illustrating for children's books, and education products, Don has also illustrated for various children's magazines, including the Urban League/Scholastic Inc. Read and Rise magazine and various others.
Publisher: Pomegranate
ISBN: 0-7649-3091-5
Format: 12 months
  Publisher: Shades of Color
ISBN: 159586024x
Format: 12 months

African American Calendar - 365 Days of Black History
365 Days of Black History - 2006 engagement calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $14.95
  African American Calendar - African Dreams
African Dreams 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $12.95
Each day of the week includes an important milestone or birth date in black history; each week features a brief discussion of the person or event, accompanied by a photograph or a reproduction of artwork. A perennial favorite, 365 Days of Black History is a unique homage to the inspiring successes of black people worldwide.   African Dreams
2006 - wall calendar

The light, the splendor and the texture of Africa are revealed in Vanessa Faivre's beautiful paintings.
ISBN: 0-7649-2365-X  

Publisher: Catch Publishing
Format: 12 months

African American Calendar SBM - Spirit of Black Men
SBM - Spirit of Black Men 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $13.50
  African American Calendar Shades of Color Swimsuit
Shades of Color Swimsuit 2006 Calendar
Click image for closer view
Price: $14.95
Fashion, sophistication and the sculpted male physique -- It's all here in the new SBM 2006 calendar. You'll have your pick month after month -- January, he's the guy at the office you've secretly had a crush on, February -- your childhood friend who's grown up and out in all the right places, March -- the sweet but fine guy that sits behind you in church every Sunday -- they are all inside. Tastefully shot, you'll also gain some great black history knowledge, as this calendar is filled with important black history information...so enjoy!   The curvaceous ladies of Shades of Color once again grace the pages of the 2006 Shades of Color swimsuit calendar. Photographed in provocative poses you'll easily see why it's the number one African American swimsuit calendar around. Enjoy a dozen sizzling, seductive feminine beauties all waiting for you inside this steamy 2006 calendar. Come on inside and experience what true ebony beauty is all about. You'll also enjoy the black history facts that fill the calendar.
Publisher: Shades of Color
ISBN: 1595860215
Format: 12 months
  Publisher: Shades of Color
ISBN: 1595860223
Format: 16 months

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